School’s Visits FAQ

Hi, as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator I am available to come to schools for talks or workshops. I am available most weeks throughout term and also school holidays. I am a university tutor as well as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator so I have no issue talking to crowds, here are some of the frequently asked questions I get asked.

How much do you charge?

There is an industry standard for this which is the rate I go by. You can find the link here, but essentially this is the information you need. 1.5 hours is total talking time, breaks between sessions will be negotiated, ie 15 minutes is fine, but a 3 hour break will need to be accounted for. Travel time and expenses for rural destinations will also need to be negotiated. Locations within 50km of Perth CBD do not incur a travel fee.

Schools (primary and secondary)
A group should comprise of no more than 60 students per session. A single session can be 60 mins but where there are multiple sessions each should be no longer than 45 mins.

  • Whole school day (max. 3 sessions)  = $600
  • Half school day  (max. 2 sessions)  = $450
  • Per school session (max. 1 session)  = $300
  • Weekly school rate (max. 5 days – average 3 sessions per day) $2500

What age group do you talk to?

I am happy to talk to any age group with enough preparation time, although my current presentation is best suited to year 5s to 7s.

What do you discuss?

My current presentation runs for about 25 minutes, I encourage children to ask questions as they think of them and prefer to run the session as more as a discussion. I hand out books for the kids to look at and touch whilst I am talking and find that they actually stay more engaged with some relevant distractions. The session ends up running for around 45 minutes to an hour, this includes and introduction of myself, questions about the role of an illustrator vs an artist. I run through my latest publication Aussie Legends which features 6 famous Aussies. I show the students how a book is created, from initial reading of the text, quick thumbnails, a storyboard, revisions, colour, more revisions, typesetting and final product. I do the same process on another two books that took a long time to complete, one with over 100 versions (not all shown one by one :P ) and another with some terrible drawings at the beginning. This shows that even professional illustrators hit some speedbumps in the road and persistance is the key. For younger students I often read a poem from Aussie Legends if time permits.

Do you run workshops?

Yes, I am happy to run workshops, these would need to be tailored to class sizes and age groups though. We would need to discuss a budget for materials and arrange a suitable space for it to take place.

How can we contact you?

This link has my email address and phone number.

I hope that answers most of your questions, I hope to see you all soon!