Millicent Featherbottom goes 3D

For my thirtieth birthday a few weeks ago I asked for home-made gifts, specifically; drawings from my nieces and nephews. As a lot of creative types would understand that getting something home-made from others is near-on impossible. The gift-giver typically feels threatened and embarrassed that you are a professional and their stuff is supposedly not good enough by comparison. Here’s the kicker about homemade things though; the beauty and the character is in the flaws. If I wanted something ‘perfect’ I would have bought something, and had I wanted something the way I would have done it, well, then I would have done it! Happily though my nieces and nephews did as was asked and drew and painted me my birthday gifts and I am so delighted.

My seven-year old niece in particular delights in craft and drawing. I was lucky enough to get two pieces of Ebby originals. One inspired me to make her a toy for her birthday the following fortnight. I love how she came up with her owl design, how she chose hearts for the tummy, and how the colours all work together. My toy got a lot of praise at the birthday party, but Ebby is the real creative in this story.

Here is a portion of Ebby’s artwork. millicent1(c)EbonyArgent

Constructing Milly wasn’t too hard- the trick was to use felt. Felt doesn’t fray so you don’t have to hem all of the seams. The only area that needed a seam allowance for Milly was her body, which I sewed together last after having completed and attached all other items. I think this would be an excellent project to do with kids from about year 2 onwards. You simply photocopy/enlarge the selected image, trace around each component on the felt and cut it out. Stitch or glue together. I think the best part of this gift, aside from seeing how happy Ebby was with it, was watching my mum be astounded at how clever we both were, which is a bit crazy, as that’s precisely who taught me to sew.

millecent3(c)EbonyArgentTraceyGibbsA swing-tag makes it look legitmillecent2(c)EbonyArgentTraceyGibbs

And then THIS! Gosh I am a lucky Aunty!


And just to give light to why Ebby has morphed into Rapunzel, I give you Jessie (me) getting well and truly thrashed at Bananas in Pyjamas Memory, by Rapunzel’s beautiful younger sister Cinderella.