K.Etherington Photography Brand

So around the middle of last decade I met this girl Katie, who, fifteen years later turns out to be an awesome portrait photographer. Add a facebook connection and BAM! I am commissioned to design her new branding. Now of course payment was discussed but the more I looked at her beautiful portraits the more I wanted some for myself, so we have arranged a trade, which I never usually do. Myself, my Nan and my Mama will be having a girly day of glamming up in exchange for this new branding.

Katie’s brief was somewhat loose, she wanted “whimsical”. We had a few hits and a few misses in the design process but eventually came up with this, which I am very happy with.


So basically it is self explanatory and I think it sums up her business well. She is all about family connections in her portraits and particularly specialises in newborn and baby photography. The pink is actually a lovely peach, and as the market is mostly new mums and grandmas it’s femininity shouldn’t be a barrier for the target audience. Above all I love her business cards, branding is about a package, never JUST the logo. So when it is used in conjunction with her photos I think it really shines. Why so many designs I hear you ask? Well a photographer with a mini mobile folio sounds like a great idea to me.

Overall it was a very rewarding project, I look forward to doing more branding like this and of course I look forward to our portrait session, I will keep you posted.