Bhutan Heartland

Today I am eagerly awaiting the postman as with him he should have my copy of what I hope is my favourite book I have ever designed. It is a “National Geographic” style coffee table book with THE most amazing photos of such a wonderful pocket of the world. The authors/photographers are ROBERT VAN KOESVELD & LIBBY LLOYD and the publisher is Fremantle Press. It is not released until October so you will have to pre order through Freo Press should you want a copy.

Here is the case and jacket artwork along with the logo I designed and the pattern that embellishes the endpapers.


I think my particular love for this project comes from the trust that authors/photographers and publishers gave me. I had pretty much free reign over the aesthetics, although perhaps what made it work is that we agreed how the book should look. It has a heavy focus on the people of  Bhutan, working a lot like a photo documentary. There  is enough text to feel as though you know the place but the bulk of the book really belongs to the 200ish photos that grace it’s pages. Wanna know the best bit?

Libby emailed and said that because they love it so, so much, they will be printing the four of us who worked on the book (editor, publicist and publisher) a massive picture and framing it for us, the tough part though, will be choosing which image. Here is my sort of shortlist;