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A little bit about Tracey Gibbs: Graphic Designer & Illustrator
(BA Graphic Design)

Growing up on a farm with a mum who owned a craft shop creativity has always come naturally for me. Although as a child I toyed with ideas of becoming an actress, an interpreter and a vet, it was making things that was the common thread through my childhood. After my 12 years of schooling I signed up for an art course at TAFE, there were no grades and unlimited supplies, it was the perfect combination to encourage imagination and construction. After this I chose to further qualify my skills with a Graphic Design Diploma from Curtin University, Perth, Westen Australia – it was a very natural progression for me.

Since graduating (and actually also during my stint as a student) I have been quite obsessive about drawing, painting and combining traditional mediums within my designs. I took these skills to my career in publishing design and now freelance full time.  I have designed over 100 books (many of which I illustrated the covers myself).
Working with authors and publishers is an adventure and at the end of it, you are rewarded with a tactile, tangible and most likely, ever-lasting artifact. My input on a title ranges from a simple cover design, to elaborate endpapers, illustrations, typesetting and jacket arrangements. The big projects are definitely my favourite. I have been fortunate enough to comprehensively design many artbooks, cook books and photographic coffee table books. These feel like giant jigsaw puzzles; fitting text around image and vice versa.

My uniqueness as a designer is my illustrative background, many of my design works draw their strength from these roots, combining illustration and design to hook the target market, and of course, satisfy you- the client. The diversity of this job is a large part of what keeps me hooked!